Linux Debian Bluetooth defaults to HFS instead of A2DP Sink

I had installed Debian with Gnome and Pulseaudio/bluez. I couldn't get realtek audio from my mobo (AMD X470) which is fine, because I never use that. I'm a bluetooth guy.

Guess what doesn't work? A2DP Sink, so all my audio sounds like garbage in HFS mode. I can't get any of my bluetooth audio devices to default to A2DP Sink, and the only solution is to constantly disconnect and reconnect it for about 2 hours. It wants to say that A2DP is "unavailable" until then, when it picks it up.

Automatic Speech To Text Note Taking Tool

I made a tool last month for whenever I had random thoughts and I wanted to record them before I lost my train of thought. It comes in quite handy with timestamps of when it was said, and ease-of-use copy to clipboard functionality. Here's a screenshot of it in action: