RetroArch "Core Updater" does not exist in Online Updates

Why in the world RetroArch's documentation would show "Download cores this way!" but on the same page not tell you that by default, the option is hidden is WAY beyond me. Libretro's documentation is better but needs some modification. I think these two documentations should be updated together - there's some huge disconnect.

Settings -> User Interface -> Views -> Show Core Updater

I've created a PR for documentation

Linux Debian Bluetooth defaults to HFS instead of A2DP Sink

I had installed Debian with Gnome and Pulseaudio/bluez. I couldn't get realtek audio from my mobo (AMD X470) which is fine, because I never use that. I'm a bluetooth guy.

Guess what doesn't work? A2DP Sink, so all my audio sounds like garbage in HFS mode. I can't get any of my bluetooth audio devices to default to A2DP Sink, and the only solution is to constantly disconnect and reconnect it for about 2 hours. It wants to say that A2DP is "unavailable" until then, when it picks it up.

Automatic Speech To Text Note Taking Tool

I made a tool last month for whenever I had random thoughts and I wanted to record them before I lost my train of thought. It comes in quite handy with timestamps of when it was said, and ease-of-use copy to clipboard functionality. Here's a screenshot of it in action: